Bend Oregon Online Mapper (BOOM) Help

Thank you for trying our online mapping application. We hope using it will be easy and intuitive, but we do have this basic help guide for your assistance. This is a general guide and pictures may not match the application exactly as you see it, but the functionality should be similar.

Main layout:

Click the arrow to show or hide the side panelQuickly change between different base mapsCity wide searchQuick access to common tasksClick to show or hide the toolbar panelClick icons to change the side panel contents

- The city wide search will return search results found within several city data layers in the map.

- Use the I want to menu for access to various tasks that might be available.

- Click the icons below the left side panel to toggle between different content views. These icons will vary depending on various actions and results when using the application.

- You may show or hide the left side panel using the arrow icon next to the I want to button. This may be one or off by default depending on the application used.

- Use the base map icon to quickly toggle between different predefined base maps & imagery.

- Click the toolbar icon to either show or hide the toolbar panel. The toolbar includes tools for basic navigation, finding data, performing measurements, user drawings/markups, and map print/export options.


List Results Layout:

Panel Actions Menu lets you switch to the table view, export the results to Excel, run other tools such as buffers, and view available reports. Results list view from user searches and activities. Click a result to show more detailed information that may be available.Click icons to change the side panel contents

-       The default results panel appears on the left side of the map. It displays results from the various search and I want to tasks. Results may have more information than what is listed in the default view. Click a result in the list to expand the record and view more information that may be available for that feature.


Table Results Layout:

You can also view your search results in a table view if you like. This view will let you see the results in a worksheet format and sort a column in ascending or descending order. Only one column can be sorted at a time. To use the table view click the panel actions menu icon at the top of the standard results panel as seen below:

Click the panel actions menu icon and select “switch to table” view, or go from table back to list view.


The table will appear below the map as seen below.

Use the arrow to make the table full screen or minimized.  The menu lets you switch back to list view, or close it.Sort fields by clicking the arrow icon next to the field name